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A one day rafting package



A one day rafting package, with a rich traditional cuisine and 20 km of rafting. An unforgettable day of rafting in Tara river, which you will remember for a long time. Rafting is a full board based package, which includes tourist, rafting, national park taxes, insurance and similar fees.

Meeting point at 10:00 at the Tara rafting center, which is situated at the river bank. Breakfast is in rafting center restaurant and it includes local specialties which you can not try anywhere else, homemade dried beef ham, beef prosciutto, hot deep fried doughnuts  with cream cheese, and bread made under metal pan, are just the begging of our offer.

After breakfast, heading to the starting point of rafting. Our skipper-guides will give a short briefing about rowing techniques, sitting and behaving on the boat, acting in different situations, and a short course of rafting. In the first few hours we will pass through the most attractive part of the canyon of the river, and we will stop at the waterfalls, wild springs. Afterwards we will stop for photo taking and swimming.

After 20 km of adrenaline and breath taking landscapes we are arriving at the rafting center, at restaurant terrace above the river. Lunch break with local cuisine. 

End of the program.


  • The isn't a minimum number of participants for this package,
  • Minimum participants age is 8-12, defined by the water level,
  • Previous experience its not necessary,
  • Prices are in euros per person,
  • We reserve the right to assess whether a person has a minimum physical fitness for this activity.